We have a HOT SPRINGS Tiger spa in the court yard, this is available as an optional extra to our guests to use and is a very relaxing after a hard day out on the tourist routes, we even provide toweling Robes

However the Tub does come with a set of strict rules, these are in place to assure the safety of those using the tub and to prevent damage being caused.

IT IS NOT A SWIMMING POOL! The tub has to have a correct chemical balance in the water to keep those nasty bugs at bay, hot water and nasty bugs love each other! In commercial swimming pools there are expensive automation systems that look after this process, but with a Hot-Tub we have to to add the chemicals ourselves. This process does put restrictions on use, because after chemicals are added there is period of time when it is NOT safe to use the water. We try to make sure this is done late at night, but that is not always possible.

The Tub can be used for up to 2 hours at a time ( depending on numbers) and then needs treatment again.

You will be provided with the terms & conditions of use upon booking

We will supply towels and robes.

By selecting the option to use the Hot-Tub you are agreeing to our conditions of use